Noise reduction and vibration isolation are important factors in the design of workplaces and in production facilities. Preventative vibration isolation not only improves working conditions for people and their environments, but also increases product quality and production speed, gives companies a competitive advantage and achieves more accurate measuring results.

When it comes to vibration isolation, a distinction is generally made between source and recipient isolation. With source isolation, a machine is isolated from its substrate and the vibrations can therefore be damped to the required level. With recipient isolation, an object is protected from the transmitted vibrations. Depending on requirements, extremely lowfrequent isolating air spring elements, ready-to-install rubber-metal isolators or damping pads can be used for this.

Product overview:

  • Vibration-isolating pads
  • Rubber-metal isolators
  • Low-frequency pneumatic levelling mounts/li>

Please refer to the respective data sheet for more detailed properties of the individual products.

Vibration isolating pads

The wide range of types of pads provides users with optimum vibration control technology in all areas. As the pads are cut to customer’s requirements, made-to-measure insulation is therefore possible. Three different products are available as vibration-isolating pads.

  • SLAB are universal damping pads, produced according to a patented formulation of PUR materials.
  • CEL pads are made of nitrile rubber and several layers can be glued together.
  • PADs are robust fibre and elastomer pads, consisting of several layers, which are suitable for many different heavy-duty applications.

SLAB 170 to SLAB 720

Series SL-170 to SL-720 vibration isolating pads are universally applicable as absorbers and are made of flexible, highly cushionable PUR materials. The pads are 12.5 mm or 25 mm thick and available with a density of 170 kg/m² to 720 kg/m².

SLAB pads can be individually combined and custom-made to suit requirements. Their natural frequency lies between 12 Hz and 50 Hz, and their load range is between 0.002 N/mm² and 0.5 N/mm².  These pads are used as foundations for plant and machinery, compressors, pump stations and generators.

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ACE SL-170
ACE SL-210
ACE SL-275
ACE SL-450
ACE SL-600
ACE SL-720


Low-frequency damping CEL type pads avoid harmful vibrations, isolating objects from the floor or foundations. The panels are made of nitrile rubber and are available in the standard thicknesses 12.7 mm, 25.4 mm and 50.8 mm.

CEL pads can be glued to floors, reducing vibrations and noise to a minimum. They can also be individually combined with other insulation packages. The natural frequency of CEL pads lies between 11 Hz and 60 Hz, and their load range is between 0.35 N/mm² and 2.1 N/mm².

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PAD fibre and elastomer pads can be produced as pads, washers or bushings. They provide the ideal combination of isolating elastomer layers and resistant fibre inlays, and so are ideal for heavy-duty applications. Impacts and shocks are cushioned effectively, and vibrations and structure-borne noise are isolated.

PDA can withstand compressive loads up to 69 N/mm², depending on their form and size. The material, which is built up in layers, displays first-class compression properties and a low creep tendency. The natural frequency of PAD pads is only for shock absorbency, and their load range lies between 0 N/mm² and 13.8 N/mm².

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Rubber-metal isolators

ACE rubber-metal isolators and machine feet have a wide range of versatile uses, thanks to their-ready-to-install design. These isolators are frequently used in motors, compressors, transfer systems, machinery, ventilators or fans. A total of eight product groups of ready-toinstall isolators is available.


LEV series height-adjustable machine feet are supplied ready-to-install and are maintenance-free. Thanks to their precise adjustment, these machine feet are often used for machinery, plant and production lines to guarantee a secure position.

LEV machine feet are available in various thread sizes (M10 to M24) and can withstand between 45 kg and 5,900 kg of load. These levelling mounts are simple to level, vibration-reducing and noiseattenuating. LEV machine feet are used on injection moulding machines, production lines, assembly stations and production centres.

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ACE series CM cup mounts protect machines, vehicles and equipment from harmful vibrations and impacts.They are maintenance-free and can even be used in harsh environments.

These cup mounts have a shallow design and can be fitted free-standing in the applications. The standard version of the CM features neoprene damping materials. The cup mounts (CM) are break-proof, can be fitted in all spatial axes and are available with a centric thread or through-hold. Cup mounts are used on compressors, crushing systems, ventilation systems and in shipbuilding and aircraft construction.
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These series COM pre-tensioned high-performance equipment mounts isolate machines and plant in a vertical direction. The compression mounts are extremely robust elastomer mounts, which are primarily used in heavy-duty applications. COM vibration isolators have a low natural frequency of approx. 8 to 15 Hz.

Isolating interference frequencies about 900 rpm prevents negative impairment of the environment through impacts and vibrations from unbalanced machine components. These compression mounts isolate structure-borne noise, are robust and maintenance-free. COM are used in centrifuges, ventilation systems, compressors, injection moulding systems and switch cabinets.

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ACE COM-5250x
ACE COM-5252x
ACE COM-5254x
ACE COM-5251x
ACE COM-5253x
ACE COM-5255x


Vibration-isolating AAM connecting elements are ready-to-install isolators, which reduce impacts and vibrations in all directions. A special neoprene or silicone elastomer insert ensures the necessary isolation.

These All Attitude Mounts can be installed in all spatial axes. The standard version of AAM mounts is available with neoprene and is suitable for shock absorption. All Attitude Mounts are used in electronic systems, in off-road vehicles and in military applications.

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ACE AAM-5642x
ACE AAM-5220x


ACE SFM series robust machine feet are supplied ready-to-install and break-resistant and maintenance-free. These ready-to-install machine elements use neoprene as the damping material as standard. SFM mounts come in three sizes and are thus suitable for applications from 50 kg to 1,000 kg. Their natural frequency under working load is only 8 Hz.

These Stable Flex Mounts have versatile uses and are durable. SFM are used in energy generation, in off-road vehicles and in marine applications.

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ACE SFM-52010-xx
ACE SFM-52011-xx
ACE SFM-52012-xx


Series BM low-frequency vibrator isolators are primarily used to isolate smaller equipment, electronic components and controls. These Bubble Mounts are characterised by their good shock absorption, low natural frequency and lightweight construction.

BM vibration isolations are primarily designed for use under load in vertical compression loads and protect the equipment from impacts and vibration. These Bubble Mounts are used in medical technology, in computers and electronic systems, as well as in air and space travel.

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ACE BM-5064x
ACE BM-5068x


ACE UMO universal connection isolators are primarily used to isolate machinery and plant from adjacent components. These Universal Mounts are two-part isolators, which are effective in all directions within the space. They efficiently decouple two components from each other and can be used within a temperature range of -30°C to +80°C.

These Universal Mounts are break-resistant and have a neoprene isolation medium as standard, which is resistant to oil, fuels and solvents. The UMO are used, among other things, in plant and machinery, conveyor systems, compressors, in shipbuilding, in construction machinery or in the transport industry.

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ACE UMO-600xx


FL quick-fastening elements are detachable elements for vibration and shock isolation. Tightening the fastening screw effectively decouples two components from each other. The Flex Locs are simple to use and need no special tool to tighten the connection elements. The inner threaded socket acts as an expansion element for fastening with the FL.

Flex Locs are available as standard in five sizes. They are characterised by their structure-bore noise isolation and resistant to oil, most acids and ozone. These quick-fastening elements are used, among other things, in assemblies, cladding panels on buildings, in vehicles and construction machinery.

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Low-frequency pneumatic levelling mounts

Low-frequency pneumatic levelling mounts are used to guarantee the highly effective isolation of measuring benches, high-performance machines and test facilities. Individual solutions can also be developed to achieve perfect isolation. Two different ACE pneumatic levelling mounts are available to choose from.


PLM pneumatic levelling mounts are used for low-frequency vibration and shock isolation. They enable measuring tables, coordinate measuring machines, ventilation systems, motor units and high-speed presses to be protected from vibrations.

PLM isolators effectively reduce unwanted vibrations, at the same time perfectly levelling the equipment. Their natural frequency lies at 3.0 Hz in optimum loaded conditions. Thanks to their vulcanised threaded insert, the levelling mounts can either be blown up using a standard tyre valve or a pneumatic threaded connection. These air springs are used, among other things, on measuring tables, test stations or in production plants.

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Pneumatic levelling mounts with automatic level control (PAL) provide optimum lowfrequency vibration isolation for measuring equipment, test and vibration equipment, coordinate measuring machines and precision production machines.

PAL air spring systems use level-controlled air springs and are therefore particularly suitable for applications that simultaneously demand constant levelling and vibration isolation. Standard PAL isolators have a natural frequency of up to 1.7 Hz. These air spring elements are used, among other things, on measuring tables, test stations, on aircraft and automotive test rigs and in foundation mounting.

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