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Machine feet

Machine feet, also known as machine shoes, are bearing elements for precise levelling and which are used when setting up heavyweight units, such as production machines and machine tools, punching machines or presses. They are characterised by vibration-isolating, shock-absorbing and structure-borne sound-insulating properties.


  • Large range of uses
  • Hygiene-certified
  • Secure floor adhesion
  • Reliable vibration absorption

Please refer to the respective data sheet for more detailed properties of the individual machine feet.

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Machine feet EHEDG & 3A

These stainless steel machine feet are 3A and EHEDG-certified and are approved according to the Hygiene Standard. All the moving parts are 100% hygienically sealed, even without load being exerted on the foot. These stainless steel machine feet are predominantly used in the food and pharmaceutical industry where the most exacting hygiene requirements apply.

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Type XH
Type XHF
Type XHT
Type XH J+G
Type XHF J+G

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Machine feet USDA

These stainless steel hygienic machine feet are USDA-certified and are thus suitable for demanding sanitary applications and solutions. They are able to compensate for unevenness of up to 20° depending on the model.

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Type H US
Type HG US
Type HJ US
Type HT US
Type M US

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Machine feet, standard

These standard version stainless steel machine feet are FDA-approved for use in the food industry. Many models are capable of compensating for unevenness of up to 20°.

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Type HX
Type HXT
Type H
Type M
Type K
Type HT

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Machine feet solid

These solid stainless steel machine feet are heavy-duty and nevertheless easy-clean. Many designs of these machine feet can compensate for unevenness of up to 9° or be used with machines that experience material expansion through heat or cold.

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Type HX G+J
Type HG
Type HJ
Type KG
Type KJ
Type G
Type J
Type KT
Type HGT

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Stainless steel dome-shaped feet

Stainless steel dome-shaped feet consists of a welding sleeve and a rounded threaded rod.

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Stainless steel dome-shaped feet

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Plastic feet and rubber feet

These plastic or rubber feet stand out in particular on account of their flexible installation and resistance to external influences. Many designs of these machine feet can compensate for unevenness of up to 10°.

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Type HP
Type HPG
Type HPR
Type HPA
Type HPA125
Type B
Type S / S51

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Machine feet HPM series

Machine feet in the HPM series are identical to the OSM series and were specifically developed to cope with exacting vibration damping requirements and the reduction of troublesome noises. The damping element in these machine feet is made of rubber and is resistant to most types of grease, oil, acid and refrigerant.

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Type HPM 1-80
Type HPM 2-120
Type HPM 3-160
Type HPM 5-200

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