Plastic conveyor belts

Plastic conveyor belts are generally made of several layers of a synthetic textile (polyester), which ensures the necessary traction. The top covers can be made of PVC and PU or even coated textile alone.


  • A range of materials for optimum use
  • Resistance to oil, grease, chemical products
  • Temperature resistance
  • Food-compliant
  • Wide range of applications

Please refer to the respective data sheet for more detailed properties of the individual conveyor belts.

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PVC conveyor belts

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) conveyor belts are primarily used for the standard transport of components. The belts can be equipped with flights and profiles. They are characterised by their good resistance to chemicals and hydrolysis (hot water and steam). They are also resistant to UV radiation and cannot fail to impress with their low cost. However, they only have limited resistance to solvents, oils and greases and tend to be inflexible at low temperatures.

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PU conveyor belts

Polyurethane (PU) conveyor belts are mainly used as conveyor and process belts. Various dimensions of profiles and flights can be attached. PU belts are characterised by their good resistance to oil and grease and their good abrasion resistance. PU belts are often used as accumulation belts or when transporting sharp-edged components. They are also flexible (even at low temperatures) and odour-free. However, they are not resistant to hot water and many organic solvents.

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Textile conveyor belts

Impregnated polyester textile (PE) conveyor belts are mainly used as conveyor, process and machine belts. They are characterised by their high strength and good dimensional stability. They are also resistant to the majority of chemicals. However, as they do not have a coating, they are less durable than coated belts.

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Special / textured belts

Conveyor belts with a PVC/PU coating are often also equipped with additional textures to meet their respective requirements. A series of different properties, such as adhesion, friction, release, cleanability or flexibility, can be achieved with the respective surface texture. Textured belts are often used with steep inclines or with the separation of goods.

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Cleats (flights), side walls, rails

Cleats (flights) for PVC and PU conveyor belts are resistant to oil and grease and can be supplied with and without textile inserts. Side walls for conveyor belts are also available made of PVC and PU. PU side rails with a base are also available on request. The rails are made of PVC or PU and can be supplied as guide rails, in various V-belt shapes, or as cleats in various shapes (rectangular, T-cleat, V-profile) welded to the belts.

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Cleats, side walls, rails

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