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EDI data exchange with Roth GmbH + Co. KG

For quite some time now, we have been offering our customers the opportunity to exchange business process-relevant data automatically via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). Due to the ongoing cost pressure in modern supply chains, we have decided to offer our customers high-quality, resilient and flexible EDI services.

What are your advantages if you set up EDI communication with us?

  • You save costs. (Postage, paper, archive)
  • Your employees are relieved of routine tasks,
  • Your business processes become scalable (even highly frequent processes and/or high volumes can be processed),
  • Planning and forecasting are improved and
  • Inventories can be minimised.

With accelerated processes, you streamline resources while improving quality.

What is exchanged? 

We current offer the following processes:

  • Incoming call-offs
  • Incoming orders
  • Outgoing order confirmations
  • Outgoing delivery notes

You can of course also talk to us about the possibilities of setting up new processes, such as invoice dispatch, etc. with us.

Are there standards? 

The message types are subject to international standards. We can process them in all common formats:

  • VDA
  • Various W3C.compliant XML derivatives (e.g. Opentrans, UBL, etc.)
  • ANSI X.12
  • Individual ASCII formats (z.B. *.csv, *.txt etc.)
  • Any ERP interface format (e.g. MS Dynamics NAV/AX, ProAlpha, Infor, Abas, GUS, Movex, KHK, etc.) 

How does the exchange take place? 

The data can be exchanged with us via a variety of communication links:

  • AS2
  • OFTP2
  • FTP
  • X400 (on request)
  • eMail (SMTP/POP)

What do you have to do? 

If you are interested in setting up an EDI connection with us, but you do not yet have EDI communication, please contact us.

We are happy to partner with you even if you are already an EDI professional and want to implement further business processes with us.

In collaboration with our EDI team, you can determine which document types and EDI formats are to be transferred. In the interest of all our customers and suppliers, we always find an adequate solution for everything.

Are you interested in an EDI connection? 

Then please send us the completed customer questionnaire:

EDI Customer Questionnaire (German version) 
EDI Customer Questionnaire (English version)