Our experience speaks for itself.


1920   Founding of the company in Nuremberg
1946   Reorganisation of the company by Irmgard and Georg Mayer-Roth
1950   Collaboration with Continental
1952   Co-founding of the Mulco sales network
1954   Member of VTH
1965   Founding of the Munich branch
1980   Relocation into the new company building in Nuremberg
1994   QS certificate according to DIN ISO 9002
1997   Quality system ISO 9001
1999   Founding of Mulco EWIV
2004   Joined Fetech
2005   New business line: Machining centre for turned parts
2006   Joined the cooperation p-d-m, introduction of the merchandise management system e.bootis-erp2
2007   Customer relations to the Far East
2009   New business line: Machining centre for plastics milling technology
2014   Reduction of CO2 emissions by renovation the heating system
2017   Energetic renovation of the office building
2018   launch of the fifth generation of our website;
New machining center for round belts;
QS certificate ISO 9001; 2015
2019   introduction of B2B online shop;
Start of our website in English;
Introduction of the next generation of shareholders to the company
2020   company anniversary 100 years company Roth